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VoPro is an outsourcing company that can provide you with dedicated offshore full-time, fully managed staffing services

India: The $44bn. proven outsourcing destination of choice

India is the most popular destination for outsourcing due to its consistent and growing large pool of highly skilled professionals.  India has gained substantial recognition for its outsourcing services, with over 400 major corporations such as Microsoft to Samsung choosing to outsource and later implement permanent bases in the country. 

Reduce costs

Save up to 70%

When you use VoPro to build your team in India you can save up to 70% of the costs compared with hiring locally. Outsourcing to India is an extremely cost-efficient strategy to grow and expand your business.

Right people for the right job

Access superior talent

Scaling your business can be quick, easy and cost effective. Our dedicated support team will help you build a team selecting from the top talent pool within our strategically based locations in India.

Increase efficiency

Your Dedicated staff

You define the hours your staff will work, they will operate to you company practices and are effectively an extension of your local team. You select the candidates you want on your team and they will report to you daily. The same as hiring locally

How it works

the simple steps to building your dedicated team

Provide us with a job description

Simply let us know what you need.

we recruit talented professionals

We attract the top talent ensuring high quality.. potentials.

your dedicated staff report to you daily

Full time office based within your working hours.

we manage the operations

We monitor and ensure high quality standards are maintained

Build your managed full-time outsourced team in India

VoPro service categories


Enhance your sales efforts and expand your customer base.

Contact Centre

Serve your customers without draining existing resources. High quality and experienced customer satisfaction results.


Skilled professionals available to handle all services from Data Entry to email management and other administrative duties.

Credit Control

Take control of your finances with a robust credit control process, minimising late payments and improving your  financial position.

Data Collection

Efficiently gather valuable data, gain data quality and integrity to empower your organisation’s growth through data driven initiatives.


Experienced marketers can keep you ahead of the competition, and adapt quickly to market trends to keep your brand at the forefront.

data Processing

Efficiently process your data with high quality processors. Ensuring accuracy, reliability, and timely delivery of actionable insights.

Information Technology (I.T)

Experience seamless and secure IT operations with highly qualified and experienced  IT professionals.

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