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VoPro is giving outsourcing power to all sizes of businesses throughout the world. You have a choice and we know how to make your outsourcing journey take off and exceed your wildest dreams

Benefits of offshore
staffing with VoPro

We help foreign companies build their own premium dedicated office-based teams in India.


Long and short term cost savings

VoPro will save you time and money in the short term because we manage all the recruitment and onboarding processes for your organisation.

Your organisation also saves over the long-term, because we provide all the infrastructure your offshore staff need like computers, software, IT help and fast internet access.

We also manage

  • HR & payroll and tax
  • Sick leave, holiday leave, insurances,
  • Contracts and any other regulatory requirements that are stipulated by Indian laws

You pay one simple fixed monthly fee for your new offshore team and leave everything else to us.


Simplified staff management

We manage your offshore staff’s daily needs, whilst you manage their daily workload. At VoPro, we help you stay in control by simplifying the management of your offshore employees whilst maintaining real-time access. Outsourcing is a proven way to hire dedicated offshore teams with managed on-site support.


Scale with ease

When you engage with our offshore staffing recruitment services, you can scale your business quickly and efficiently. You can extend your hours of operation or expand your capabilities, increase your line of products or services, or even take on more specialised work. It’s easy to become more competitive and take a bigger slice of the market when you optimise your recruitment processes with VoPro.

Want to know how outsourcing can help your business?

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